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C-SPAN’s Book TV: A Governor’s Story

Jennifer Granholm, former governor of Michigan, recounts her two terms in office from 2003 to January 1, 2011.  The first female governor of Michigan, Ms. Granholm recalls her administration’s challenges in the eight largest state in the nation, as she faced an economic recession coupled with a depleted manufacturing sector and multiple infrastructure issues.   Jennifer Granholm speaks with her co-author and husband, Dan Mulhern, at the Mechanics’ Institute in San Francisco.

Watch the program here.

Just Released: A Governor’s Story

A candid account by Michigan’s charismatic, controversial former governor of reckoning with the profound economic challenges her state—and the country—face.


Jennifer Granholm was the two-term governor of Michigan, a state synonymous with manufacturing during a financial crisis that threatened to put all America’s major car companies into bankruptcy. The immediate and knock-on effects were catastrophic. Granholm’s grand plans for education reform, economic revitalization, clean energy, and infrastructure development were blitzed by a perfect economic storm.

Granholm was a determined and undefeated governor, who enjoyed close access to the White House at critical moments (Granholm stood in for Sarah Palin during Joe Biden’s debate preparation), and her account offers a front row seat on the effects of the crisis. Ultimately, her story is a model of hope. She hauls Michigan towards unprecedented private-public partnerships, forged in the chaos of financial freefall, built on new technologies that promise to revolutionize not only the century-old auto industry but Michigan’s entire manufacturing base. They offer the potential for a remarkable recovery not just for her state, but for American industry nationwide.