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10/18/11 – The Sacramento Press Club

Tuesday, October 18th

The Sacramento Press Club welcomes

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and Dan Mulhern

The last decade has not been kind to state budgets or the elected officials tasked with stretching them, often past the breaking point. Nobody knows this better than former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. Considered a rising star of Democratic politics when she was elected in 2002, for eight years Granholm oversaw a state wracked by the worst repercussions of the nation’s economic crises: from the lingering effects of the DotCom collapse and the bursting housing bubble to the near death of the state’s lifeblood, the automotive industry.

Now almost year removed from office, she believes all governments could learn valuable lessons from Michigan’s struggles. Please join us on Tuesday, Oct. 18th as the Sacramento Press Club welcomes Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who will candidly discuss her experiences guiding Michigan through the most challenging economic era since the Great Depression. Ms. Granholm will also share her views on what lawmakers should and should not do to create jobs and spur economic growth in an increasingly competitive global economy.

Note: Copies of her new book, “A Governor’s Story: The Fight for Jobs and America’s Economic Future,” which she co-authored with her husband Dan Mulhern, will also be available for purchase.  Granholm and Mulhern will be signing copies after our regular Q&A session.

The Grand Plaza Halls
1025 Ninth Street, Sacramento
Registration: 11:30; Lunch begins at noon



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