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BNET (CBS Interactive Business Network): How To Lead When Everything’s Falling Apart

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and I don’t agree on a lot of things, politically, but I still enjoyed reading her new memoir A Governor’s Story (co-written with husband Dan Mulhern, and new out from PublicAffairsthis week).

When Granholm took over the helm of the state of Michigan in 2003, the car industry was enduring tough times. Everyone thought they were merely cyclical. The state budget was built on the assumption of a thriving manufacturing sector which would eventually return to health.

Over the next 8 years, however, this assumption proceeded to burn up like a Ford Pinto.  Granholm would get multiple notices of mass layoffs every day, culminating in the 2009 GM and Chrysler bankruptcies. As Granholm writes, “The reality of manufacturing in America was undeniable. The jobs were gone, and they weren’t coming back.”

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